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ONLY 1 MONTH AWAY Until Asbury Park Comic Con 2014

We can’t believe it’s only a little less than 1 MONTH AWAY from Asbury Park Comic Con 2014. We’re very excited to be selling some new prints, stickers and other items from the Breathless comic series. But most importantly, don’t forget…

Breathless Chapter 1 has been completely redrawn and will be sold as a special printed issue for Asbury Park Comic Con 2014!

So why purchase the issue when we’ve been updating Chapter 1 online for free? It’s simple…we will selling an exclusive special issue of Chapter 1 that’s


That’s right, in beautiful, full color! The Black & White version will continue to be updated online, but you’ll only be able to read the rebooted Chapter 1 in color by purchasing this special issue.

So make sure to stop by, say hello and pick up your special copy!

We’re also happy to announce that we will be attending 

Garden State Comic Fest

August 23, 2014

Hyatt Morristown, 3 Speedwell Ave
Morristown, NJ

As the date gets closer we’ll be making more announcements here on the website and on the comic’s facebook page, so don’t forget to stop by often to check out the latest updates!

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