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First Christmas – Pg4




Cecillia was almost out of breath. She had jumped to her feet, gift in hand, and darted across the room as fast as her tiny frame could, almost running head long into her brother standing against the doorway. With the biggest grin she revealed a long, cylindrical package wrapped in a giant red bow.

“I found this one with your name on it!” she exclaimed. “You should open it!”

“Oh!” Eclipse replied as Cecillia handed him the package. “Uh…okay.”

Eclipse looked momentarily to Sam, puzzled. Sam shrugged his shoulders, his mug to his lips as he sipped his coffee. Without any answers Eclipse gently tore into the wrapping paper, revealing a pair of long drumsticks.

“What’d you get?” Sam asked. He winked to Cecillia. Knowing it was her cue, she nodded, biting her bottom lip in excitement.

“Drumsticks?” Eclipse replied, his tone that of a question. He pondered the objects in his hands, moving them back and forth with a flick of the wrist. “I don’t get it. Why would I need this if I don’t have a dru…”

Maybe he hadn’t noticed it in the dark. Maybe it hadn’t crossed his mind that the white sheet covering something very large in the corner of the room, precariously placed just out of sight behind the Christmas tree, was suspicious. But everything became exceptionally clear when Cecillia pulled the sheet down with a great big gust of air…revealing a full drum set underneath.

“TADA!” she yelled loudly as the cloth settled on the floor.



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